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Renault Clio: Emergency spare wheel - Puncture, emergency spare wheel - Practical advice - Renault Clio Owners Manual

Renault Clio: Emergency spare wheel

Renault Clio Owners Manual

Renault Clio. Emergency spare wheel

  • Open the tailgate;
  • lift the carpet;
  • lift the cover 1 and remove it;
  • remove the tool kit by lifting it by its handles;
The label 2 reminds you of how to operate the emergency spare wheel winch.

Renault Clio. Emergency spare wheel

  • unscrew nut 3 in an anti-clockwise direction until it comes off completely, then place the palm of your hand on section A of handle 4 and push towards the front of the vehicle.

    The wheel will be lowered;

When you push handle 4, the wheel will drop under the vehicle; risk of injury.

Ensure that everybody is kept away from the underside of the vehicle.

Renault Clio. Emergency spare wheel

  • pull the wheel towards you;
  • lay the wheel down flat and unfasten cable 5 from its housing 6.

You may remove the wheel from its support.

Do not touch the exhaust as it could burn.
    In case of puncture

    To refit a wheel

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