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Skoda Fabia: START-STOP

Skoda Fabia Owners Manual

The START-STOP system (hereinafter referred to just as the system) reduces fuel consumption and polluting emissions and CO 2 emissions by turning the engine off, e.g. when stopping at traffic lights, and starting the engine again when moving off.


  • Never let the vehicle roll with the engine switched off.
  • The brake servo unit and power steering only operate if the engine is running.

Operating conditions for the system

Fig. 115 Maxi DOT display: Engine is automatically switched off / automatic engine cut off is not possible

Fig. 115 Maxi DOT display: Engine is automatically switched off / automatic engine cut off is not possible

For the system-dependent automatic engine shutdown to operate, the following conditions must be met.

  • The driver's door is closed.
  • The driver has fastened the seat belt.
  • The bonnet is closed.
  • The driving speed exceeded 4 km/h after the last stop.
  • No trailer is coupled.

Some additional conditions for the system to function cannot be either influenced or recognised by the driver. Therefore, the system can react differently in situations which are identical from the driver's view.

If after stopping the car, the message UNABLE TO START STOP appears in the segment display or in the MAXI DOT display the check mark » Fig. 115, then
the conditions for automatic engine shutdown are not met.

Running the engine is essential, for example, for the following reasons.

  • The engine temperature for the proper function of the system has not yet been reached.
  • The charge state of the vehicle battery is too low.
  • The current consumption is too high.
  • High air-conditioning or heating capacity (high fan speed, big difference between the desired and actual indoor temperature).


  • If the vehicle remains outdoors for a long time in minus temperatures or in direct sunlight, it can take several hours until the internal temperature of the vehicle battery reaches a suitable temperature for proper operation of the START STOP system.
  • If the driver's seat belt is removed for more than approx. 30 seconds or the driver's door is opened during stop mode, the engine will have to be started manually.
  • After manual engine start, the automatic engine shutdown can take place only when a minimum distance required for the system function has been covered.


In compliance with the operating conditions, automatic engine shutdown / automatic engine start takes place as described.

Automatic engine shut down

  • Stop the vehicle.
  • Shift the gear lever to Neutral.
  • Release the clutch pedal.

Automatic engine shutdown takes place, segment display shows START STOP ACTIVE or a check mark appears in the MAXI DOT display » Fig. 115 on
page 119.

Automatic engine start

  • Depress the clutch pedal.

The automatic start procedure takes place again.

System conditioned automatic start-up

When the engine is off, the system can automatically start the engine before the desired journey continues. The possible reasons for this are, for example:

  • The vehicle has begun to roll, e.g. on a slope.
  • The brake pedal has been actuated several times.
  • The current consumption is too high.

Manually deactivating/activating

Fig. 116 Button for the START-STOP system
Fig. 116 Button for the START-STOP system


  • Press the button » Fig.

When start-stop mode is deactivated, the warning light in the button lights up.


If the system is automatically deactivated when the engine is turned off, then the automatic start process takes place.

Information messages

The messages and information are shown in the instrument cluster display.

Start the engine manually.


One of the conditions for automatic engine start is not satisfied or the driver's seat belt is not fastened. The engine must be started manually.

Error: Start-stop system


A system error is present. Seek help from a specialist garage.

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