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Nissan Micra: Remote keyless entry system (if so equipped) - Pre-driving checks and adjustments - Nissan Micra Owners Manual

Nissan Micra: Remote keyless entry system (if so equipped)

Nissan Micra Owners Manual

Nissan Micra / Nissan Micra Owners Manual / Pre-driving checks and adjustments / Remote keyless entry system (if so equipped)

  • Radio waves could adversely affect electric medical equipment. Those who use a pacemaker should contact the electric medical equipment manufacturer for the possible influences before use.
  • The remote keyless entry key fob transmits radio waves when the buttons are pressed. The radio waves may affect aircraft navigation and communication systems. Do not operate the remote keyless entry key fob while on an airplane.

    Make sure the buttons are not operated unintentionally when the unit is stored for a flight.

It is possible to lock/unlock all doors, turn the interior light on, and activate the panic alarm by using the key fob from outside the vehicle.

Be sure to remove the key from the vehicle before locking the doors.

The key fob can operate at a distance of approximately 33 ft (10 m) from the vehicle. The effective distance depends upon the conditions around the vehicle.

As many as five key fobs can be used with one vehicle. For information concerning the purchase and use of additional key fobs, contact a NISSAN dealer.

The key fob will not function when:

  • the battery is discharged
  • the distance between the vehicle and the key fob is over 33 ft (10 m)

The panic alarm will not activate when the key is in the ignition switch.

CAUTION Listed below are conditions or occurrences which will damage the key fob:
  • Do not allow the key fob, which contains electrical components, to come into contact with water or salt water.

    This could affect the system function.

  • Do not drop the key fob.
  • Do not strike the key fob sharply against another object.
  • Do not change or modify the key fob.
  • Wetting may damage the key fob. If the key fob gets wet, immediately wipe until it is completely dry.
  • Do not place the key fob for an extended period in an area where temperatures exceed 140°F (60°C).
  • Do not attach the key fob with a key holder that contains a magnet.
  • Do not place the key fob near equipment that produces a magnetic field, such as a TV, audio equipment and personal computers.

If a key fob is lost or stolen, NISSAN recommends erasing the ID code of that key fob. This will prevent the key fob from unauthorized use to unlock the vehicle.

For information regarding the erasing procedure, it is recommended you visit a NISSAN dealer.


Locking the doors

Nissan Micra. Locking the doors

  1. Remove the ignition key.
  2. Close all the doors.
  3. Push the LOCK button
    on the key fob.
  • All the doors will lock.
  • The hazard indicator flashes once.

NOTE: An auto-relock function will operate after a full or partial unlock, when no further user action occurs. The relock will operate approximately 30 seconds after full or partial unlock. The auto-relock function is cancelled when any door is opened or the key is inserted into the ignition.

Unlocking the doors

Nissan Micra. Unlocking the doors

Press the UNLOCK button on the
key fob.

  • All doors unlock
  • The hazard indicator flashes twice.

Auto relock

When the button on the key fob
is pressed, all doors will lock automatically within 30 seconds unless one of the following operations is performed:

  • Any door is opened.
  • A key is inserted into the ignition switch and the switch is cycled from OFF to ON.

Using the panic alarm (if so equipped)

Nissan Micra. Using the panic alarm

If you are near your vehicle and feel threatened, you may activate the panic alarm to call attention by pressing and holding the button
on the key fob for longer than 0.5 seconds.

The panic alarm will stay on for a period of time.

The panic alarm stops when:

  • It has run for a period of time, or
  • Any button is pressed on the key fob.

Using the interior light

Press the button on the key fob
once to turn on the interior lights.

For additional information, refer to “Interior light” in the “Instruments and controls” section of this manual.

    Child safety rear door lock


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