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Citroen C3: Checking levels - Checks - Citroen C3 Owners Manual

Citroen C3: Checking levels

Citroen C3 Owners Manual

Check all of these levels regularly and top them up if necessary, unless otherwise indicated.

If a level drops signifi cantly, have the corresponding system checked by a CITROËN dealer.

Oil level

The reading will only be correct if the vehicle is on level ground and the engine has been off for more than 15 minutes.

The check is carried out either when the ignition is switched on using the oil level indicator on the instrument panel, or using the dipstick.

Between two oil changes, the consumption should not exceed 0.5 litre per 600 miles (1,000 km).

Engine oil change

Refer to the Maintenance and Warranty Guide for details of the interval for this operation.

In order to maintain the reliability of the engine and emission control system, the use of additives in the engine oil is prohibited.

Oil grade

The oil must be suitable for your engine and conform to the manufacturer's recommendations.

Brake fluid level

The brake fl uid level should be close to the "MAX" mark. If it is not, check the brake pad wear.

Changing the fluid

Refer to the Maintenance and Warranty Guide for details of the interval for this operation.

Fluid specification

The brake fl uid must conform to the manufacturer's recommendations and meet the DOT4 standard.

Coolant level

The coolant level should be close to the "MAX" mark but should never exceed it.

When the engine is warm, the temperature of the coolant is regulated by the fan. This can operate with the ignition off.

On vehicles which are fi tted with a particle emission fi lter, the fan may operate after the vehicle has been switched off, even if the engine is cold.

In addition, as the cooling system is pressurised, wait at least one hour after switching off the engine before carrying out any work.

To avoid any risk of scalding, unscrew the cap by two turns to allow the pressure to drop. When the pressure has dropped, remove the cap and top up the level.

Changing the coolant

The coolant does not have to be changed.

Fluid specification

The coolant must conform to the manufacturer's recommendations.

Screenwash fluid level

Top up the level when necessary

Fluid specification

For optimum cleaning and to avoid freezing, this fl uid must not be topped up or replaced with water.

Take care when carrying out checks under the bonnet as some parts of the engine can be very hot (risk of burns).

Diesel additive level (Diesel engine with particle emission filter)

A low additive level is indicated by lighting of the service warning lamp, accompanied by an audible warning and a message on the multifunction screen.

Topping up

This additive must be topped up by a CITROËN dealer without delay.

Used products

Avoid prolonged contact of used oil or fl uids with the skin. Most of these fl uids are harmful to health or indeed very corrosive.

Do not discard used oil or fl uids into sewers or onto the ground. Take used oil to a CITROËN dealer (France) or an authorised waste disposal site.

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