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Fiat Punto: Pretensioners - Safety deviices - Fiat Punto Owners Manual

Fiat Punto: Pretensioners

Fiat Punto Owners Manual

To increase the efficiency of the front seat belts, the Fiat Punto is fitted with pretensioners. These devices “feel”, through a sensor, that a violent crash is in progress and rewind the seat belts a few centimetres.

In this way they ensure that the seat belt adheres perfectly to the wearer before the restraining action begins.

The seat belt locks to indicate that the device has intervened; the seat belt cannot be drawn back up even when guiding it manually.

IMPORTANT To obtain the highest degree of protection from the action of the pretensioning device, wear the seat belt keeping it firmly close to the chest and pelvis.

Front seat pretensioners activate only if front seat belts are properly fitted into buckles.

A small amount of smoke may be produced. This smoke is in no way toxic and presents no fire hazard.


The pretensioner does not require any maintenance or greasing.

Anything that modifies its original conditions invalidates its efficiency. If due to unusual natural events (floods, seas storm, etc.) the device has been affected by water and mud, it must necessarily be replaced.

The pretensioner can
only be used once. After a collision that has triggered it, have it replaced at a Fiat Dealership. The validity of the device is written on the plate located in the glove compartment. Contact Fiat Dealership to have pretensioners replaced as this date approaches.

Operations which lead
to knocks, vibrations or localised heating (over 100°C for a maximum of 6 hours) in the area around the pretensioners may cause damage or trigger them. These devices are not affected by vibrations caused by irregularities of the road surface or low obstacles such as kerbs, etc. Contact a Fiat Dealership for any assistance.


To increase passenger’s safety, front and rear (where provided) seat belt reels contain a load limiter which allows controlled sag in such a way as to dose the force acting on the shoulders during the belt restraining action in case of front crash.

Load limiters


The driver must comply with (and have the vehicle occupants follow) all the local legal regulations concerning the use of seat belts.

Always fasten the seat belts before starting.

Seat belts are also to be worn by expectant mothers: the risk of injury in the case of accident is greatly reduced for them and the unborn child if they are wearing a seat belt. Of course they must position the lower part of the belt very low down so that it passes under the abdomen (as illustrated in the figure).

IMPORTANT The belt should not be twisted. The upper part should pass over the shoulder and cross the chest diagonally. The lower part should adhere to the pelvis and to the abdomen of the passenger (as illustrated in the figure). Do not use any objects (pegs, stoppers, etc.) to keep the belts away from the body

General instructions for using the seat belts

For maximum safety,
keep the back of your seat upright, lean back into it and make sure the seat belt fits closely across your chest and hips. Make sure that the seat belts of the front and rear passengers are fastened at all times! You increase the risk of serious injury or death in a collision if you travel with the belts unfastened.

General instructions for using the seat belts

IMPORTANT Never travel with a child sitting on the passenger’s lap with a single belt to protect them both. Do not fasten other objects to the body.

Under no circumstances
should the components of the seat belts and pretensioners be tampered with or removed. Any operation should be carried out by qualified and authorised personnel. Always contact a Fiat Dealership.

If the belt has been
subjected to heavy stress, for example after an accident, it should be changed completely together with the anchors, anchor fastening screws and the pretensioners. In fact, even if the belt has no visible defects, it could have lost its resilience.


Observe the following:

  • Always use the belt with the tape taut and never twisted; make sure that it is free to run without impediments;
  • After a serious accident, replace the belt being worn at that time, even if it does not appear damaged.

    Always replace the seat belts if pretensioners have been activated;

  • To clean the belts, wash by hand with neutral soap, rinse and leave to dry in the shade. Never use strong detergents, bleach or dyes or other chemical substance that might weaken the fibres;
  • Prevent the reels from getting wet: their correct operation is only guaranteed if water does not get inside;
  • Replace the seat belt when showing significant wear or cut signs.
    Using the rear central seat belt

    Carrying children safely

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