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Ford Fiesta: Accessories - Ford Fiesta 2009-2019 Owners Manual

Ford Fiesta: Accessories

Ford Fiesta 2009-2019 Owners Manual

For a complete listing of the accessories that are available for your vehicle, please contact your dealer or visit our online store at: Accessories.Ford.com (U.S. only).

Ford Custom Accessories are available for your vehicle through your local Ford or Ford of Canada dealer. Ford Motor Company will repair or replace any properly dealer-installed Ford Custom Accessories found to be defective in factory-supplied materials or workmanship during the warranty period, as well as any component damaged by the defective accessories. The accessories will be warranted for whichever provides you the greatest benefit:

  • 12 months or 12,000 miles (20,000 km) (whichever occurs first), or
  • the remainder of your new vehicle limited warranty.

Contact your dealer for details and a copy of the warranty.

Exterior style

  • Graphics kit
  • Hood deflectors
  • Side window deflectors
  • Splash guards
  • Rear spoiler
  • Wheels
  • Bumper protectors

Interior style

  • All-weather floor mats
  • Rear seat entertainment*
  • Premium carpeted floor mats
  • Lighted door sill plates


  • Ash cup / smoker's packages
  • Roof racks and carriers*

Peace of mind

  • Remote start
  • Vehicle security systems
  • Wheel locks
  • Bumper-mounted parking sensor*
  • Locking fuel plug for capless fuel system

*Ford Licensed Accessories (FLA) are warranted by the accessory manufacturer's warranty. Ford Licensed Accessories are fully designed and developed by the accessory manufacturer and have not been designed or tested to Ford Motor Company engineering requirements. Contact your Ford dealer for details regarding the manufacturer's limited warranty and a copy of the FLA product limited warranty offered by the accessory manufacturer.

For maximum vehicle performance, keep the following information in mind when adding accessories or equipment to your vehicle:

  • When adding accessories, equipment, passengers and luggage to your vehicle, do not exceed the total weight capacity of the vehicle or of the front or rear axle (GVWR or GAWR as indicated on the Safety Compliance Certification label). Consult your authorized dealer for specific weight information.
  • The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and Canadian Radio Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) regulate the use of mobile communications systems - such as two-way radios, telephones and theft alarms - that are equipped with radio transmitters. Any such equipment installed in your vehicle should comply with FCC or CRTC regulations and should be installed only by a qualified service technician.
  • Mobile communications systems may harm the operation of your vehicle, particularly if they are not properly designed for automotive use.
  • To avoid interference with other vehicle functions, such as anti-lock braking systems, amateur radio users who install radios and antennas onto their vehicle should not locate the amateur radio antennas in the area of the driver's side hood.
  • Any non-Ford custom electrical or electronic accessories or components that are added to the vehicle by the authorized dealer or the owner, may adversely affect battery performance and durability, and may also adversely affect the performance of other electrical systems in the vehicle.
    Capacities and Specifications

    Ford Extended Service Plan (ESP)

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