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Ford Fiesta: Parking Aids - Ford Fiesta 2009-2019 Owners Manual

Ford Fiesta: Parking Aids

Ford Fiesta 2009-2019 Owners Manual

Principle of Operation


The system does not relieve you of your responsibility to drive with due care and attention.

If your vehicles has a non-Ford approved trailer tow module the system may not correctly detect objects.

The sensors may not detect objects in heavy rain or other conditions that cause disruptive reflections.

The sensors may not detect objects with surfaces that absorb ultrasonic waves.

The system does not detect objects that are moving away from your vehicle. They will only be detected shortly after they start to move toward your vehicle.

Take particular care when reversing with a tow ball arm or a rear fitted accessory. For example, a bicycle carrier. The rear parking aid will only indicate the approximate distance from the rear bumper to an object.

If you use a high pressure spray to wash your vehicle, only spray the sensors briefly from a distance not less than eight inches (20 centimeters).

Note: If your vehicle has a tow ball arm, the system is turned off automatically when trailer lamps (or lighting boards) are connected to the 13-pin socket through a Ford approved trailer tow module.

Note: Keep the sensors free from dirt, ice or snow. Do not clean with sharp objects.

Note: The system may emit false alerts if it detects a signal using the same frequency as the sensors or if your vehicle is fully loaded.

Note: The outer sensors may detect the side walls of a garage. If the distance between the outer sensors and the side wall remains constant for three seconds, the alert will turn off. As you continue the inner sensors will detect objects directly behind your vehicle.

Parking Aid


To help avoid personal injury, read and understand the limitations of the system as contained in this section.

Sensing is only an aid for some (generally large and fixed) objects when moving in reverse on a flat surface at parking speeds.

Traffic control systems, inclement weather, air brakes and external motors and fans may also affect the function of the sensing system. This may include reduced performance or a false activation.

To help avoid personal injury, always use caution when moving in reverse and when using the sensing system.

This system is not designed to prevent contact with small or moving objects. The system is designed to provide a warning to assist the driver in detecting large stationary objects to avoid damaging the vehicle. The system may not detect smaller objects, particularly those close to the ground.

Certain add-on devices such as large trailer hitches, bike or surfboard racks and any device that may block the normal detection zone of the system, may create false audible warnings.

Note: Keep the sensors located on the bumper or fascia free from snow, ice and large accumulations of dirt. If the sensors are covered, the system's accuracy can be affected. Do not clean the sensors with sharp objects.

Note: If your vehicle sustains damage to the bumper or fascia, leaving it misaligned or bent, the sensing zone may be altered causing inaccurate measurement of obstacles or false alarms.

The system warns you of obstacles within a certain range of the bumper area.

When receiving a detection warning, the radio volume is reduced to a predetermined level. After the warning goes away, the radio volume returns to the previous level.

Rear Sensing System

The rear sensors are only active when you move the transmission selector lever to position R (reverse). As your vehicle moves closer to the obstacle, the rate of the audible warning increases. When the obstacle is fewer than 12 inches (30 centimeters) away, the audible warning sounds continuously. If a stationary or receding object is detected farther than 12 inches (30 centimeters) from the side of your vehicle, the audible warning sounds for only three seconds. Once the system detects an object approaching, the audible warning sounds again.

Ford Fiesta. Parking Aid

  1. Coverage area of up to 72 inches (183 centimeters) from the rear bumper (with a decreased coverage area at the outer corners of the bumper).

The system detects certain objects when you move the transmission selector lever to position R (reverse):

  • and your vehicle is moving toward a stationary object at a speed of 3 mph (5 km/h) or less
  • but your vehicle is not moving, and a moving object is approaching the rear of your vehicle at a speed of 3 mph (5 km/h) or less
  • and your vehicle is moving at a speed of less than 3 mph (5 km/h) and a moving object is approaching the rear of your vehicle at a speed of less than 3 mph (5 km/h).

Move the transmission selector lever from position R (reverse) to turn the system off.

If a fault is present in the system, a warning message appears in the information display and does not allow you to switch the system on.

Rear View Camera (If equipped)


The operation of the camera may vary depending on the ambient temperature, vehicle and road conditions.

The distances shown in the display may differ from the actual distance.

Do not place objects in front of the camera.

The camera is located on the liftgate near the handle.

Ford Fiesta. Rear View Camera

Switching the Rear View Camera On


The camera may not detect objects that are close to your vehicle.

Switch the ignition and the audio unit on.

Move the transmission selector lever to position R (reverse).

The image is displayed on the screen.

The camera may not operate correctly in the following conditions:

  • Dark areas.
  • Intense light.
  • If the ambient temperature increases or decreases rapidly.
  • If the camera is wet, for example in rain or high humidity.
  • If the camera's view is obstructed, for example by mud.

Using the Display


Obstacles above the camera position will not be shown. Inspect the area behind your vehicle if necessary.

Marks are for general guidance only, and are calculated for vehicles in maximum load conditions on an even road surface.

The lines show the distance from the outer edge of the front tire plus two inches (51 millimeters) and the rear bumper.

Ford Fiesta. Rear View Camera

  1. Red - Zone
  2. Amber - Zone
  3. Green - Zone
  4. Black - center line of the projected vehicle path

Note: When reversing with a trailer, the lines on the screen are not shown. The camera will show your vehicle direction and not the trailer.

Switching the Rear View Camera Off

Note: The system will automatically switch off once your vehicle speed has reached approximately 6 mph (10 km/h).

Disengage reverse gear.

Vehicles with Parking Aid

The display will additionally show a colored distance bar. This guide indicates the distance from the rear bumper to the detected obstacle.

These are color coded as follows:

  • Green - Zone
  • Amber - Zone
  • Red - Zone
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