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Mazda 2: Interior Care

Mazda2 Owners Manual


Do not spray water in the cabin: Splashing water on electrical parts such as the audio unit and switches is dangerous as it could cause a malfunction or a fire.

Instrument panel Precautions

Prevent caustic solutions such as perfume and cosmetic oils from contacting the instrument panel. They will damage and discolour the instrument panel. If these solutions get on the instrument panel, wipe them off immediately.


Do not use glazing agents.

Glazing agents contain ingredients which may cause discolouration, wrinkling, cracks and peeling.

Instrument panel top

  • When cleaning, it is recommended that you use a clean towel dampened in a mild detergent to remove soiling.
  • If the surface is rubbed harshly, it could result in the surface being damaged leaving white scratch marks.

Cleaning the Upholstery and Interior Trim


Remove dust and loose dirt from vinyl with a whisk broom or vacuum cleaner.

Clean vinyl with a leather-and-vinyl cleaner.

Leather *

Remove dust and sand fi rst using a vacuum cleaner or other means, then wipe dirt off using a soft cloth with a leather cleaner or a soft cloth soaked in mild soap.

Wipe off the remaining cleaner or soap using a cloth soaked in clean water and wrung out well.

Remove moisture with a dry, soft cloth and allow the leather to further dry in a well-ventilated, shaded area. If the leather gets wet such as from rain, also remove moisture and dry it as soon as possible.


  • Because genuine leather is a natural material, its surface is not uniform and it may have natural scars, scratches, and wrinkles
  • To maintain the quality for as long as possible, periodical maintenance, about twice a year, is recommended.
  • Sand and dust on the seat surface may damage the overcoat of the genuine leather surfaces and accelerate wear.
  • Greasy soiling on genuine leather may cause molding and stains.
  • Rubbing hard with a stiff brush or cloth may cause damage.
  • Do not wipe the leather using alcohol, chlorine bleach, or organic solvents such as thinner, benzene, or petrol. Otherwise, it may cause discolouration or stains.
  •   If the seats get wet, promptly remove moisture with a dry cloth. Remaining moisture on the surface may cause deterioration such as hardening and shrinkage.
  • Exposure to direct sunlight for long periods may cause deterioration and shrinkage. When parking the car under direct sunlight for long periods, shade the interior using sunshades.
  • Do not leave vinyl products on the seats for long periods as they may affect the leather quality and colouring. If the cabin temperature becomes hot, the vinyl may deteriorate and adhere to the genuine leather.


Remove dust and loose dirt from fabric with a whisk broom or vacuum cleaner.

Clean it with a mild soap solution good for upholstery and carpets. Remove fresh spots immediately with a fabric spot cleaner.

To keep the fabric looking clean and fresh, take care of it. Otherwise its colour will be affected, it can be stained easily, and its fi re-resistance may be reduced.


Use only recommended cleaners and procedures. Others may affect appearance and fi re-resistance.


When the interior panels needs to be cleaned, use a soft cloth soaked in clean water and wrung out well and lightly wipe off dirt from the surface. If a panel requires further cleaning, use the following procedure.

  1. Wipe dirt off using a soft cloth soaked in mild detergent (about 5% solution).
  2. Wipe off any remaining detergent using a cloth soaked in clean water and wrung out well.


  • Do not wipe leather parts using alcohol, chlorine bleach, or organic solvents such as thinner, benzene, or petrol. Otherwise, it may cause discolouration or stains.
  • Scratches or nicks on the panels and metallic trim resulting from the use of a hard brush or cloth may not be repairable.
  • Be particularly careful when cleaning high lustre panels and metallic trim as they can be easily scratched.

Maintenance of the Active Driving Display

The combiner and mirror surface have a special coating. When cleaning, do not use a hard or rough-surface cloth, or cleaning detergent. In addition, if a chemical solvent gets on the active driving display, wipe it off immediately. Otherwise, the combiner and mirror could be damaged and the surface coating could be scratched.

Use a fi ne, soft cloth such as those used for cleaning eyeglasses.

Cleaning the Lap/Shoulder Belt Webbing

Clean the webbing with a mild soap solution recommended for upholstery or carpets. Follow instructions. Do not bleach or dye the webbing; this may weaken it.

After cleaning the belts, thoroughly dry the belt webbing and make sure there is no remaining moisture before retracting them.


Have an expert repairer, we recommend an Authorised Mazda Repairer replace damaged seat belts immediately: Using damaged seat belts is dangerous.

In a collision, damaged belts cannot provide adequate protection.

Cleaning the Window Interiors

If the windows become covered with an oily, greasy, or waxy fi lm, clean them with glass cleaner. Follow the directions on the container.


  • Do not scrape or scratch the inside of the window glass. It could damage the thermal fi laments and the aerial lines.
  • When washing the inside of the window glass, use a soft cloth dampened in lukewarm water, gently wiping the thermal fi laments and the aerial lines.

     Use of glass cleaning products could damage the thermal fi laments and the aerial lines.

    Exterior Care

    If Trouble Arises

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