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Peugeot 208: Accessories - Practical information - Peugeot 208 Owners Manual

Peugeot 208: Accessories

Peugeot 208 Owners Manual

A wide range of accessories and genuine parts is available from the PEUGEOT dealer network. These accessories and parts have been tested and approved for reliability and safety. They are all adapted to your vehicle and benefit from PEUGEOT's recommendation and warranty.

Conversion kits

You can obtain an "Enterprise" kit to convert a trade vehicle to a private car and vice-versa.


door deflectors, side blinds and rear blind, cigarette lighter, boot dividers, coat hanger fixed to head restraint, front centre armrest, under shelf storage, front and rear parking sensors...

"Transport solutions":

boot liner, luggage net, cigarette lighter, roof bars, bicycle carrier on roof bars, ski carrier, roof box....

Tow bar, which mst be fitted by PEUGEOT dealer or a qualified workshop.


aluminium gear lever knob, spoiler, styling strips, alloy wheels, trims, chromed mirror shells, body kit...


anti-theft alarm, window engraving, wheel security bolts, child seats and booster cushions, breathalyzer, first aid kit, warning triangle, high visibility jacket, stolen vehicle tracking system, temporary puncture repair kit, snow chains, non-slip covers, front foglamps kit...


mats * , seat covers compatible with lateral airbags, mud flaps, side rubbing strips, aluminium or PVC door aperture finishers...

* To avoid any risk of jamming of the pedals:

- ensure that the mat is positioned and secured correctly, - never fit one mat on top of another.


audio systems, portable satellite navigation systems, semi-integral support for portable satellite navigation system, hands-free kit, CD changer, speakers, connection kit for MP3 or CD player, USB Box, Wi-Fi on-board...

Installation of radio communication transmitters

Before installing any after-market radio communication transmitter, you can contact a PEUGEOT dealer for the specification of transmitters which can be fitted (frequency, maximum power, aerial position, specific installation requirements), in line with the Vehicle Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive (2004/104/EC).

By visiting a PEUGEOT dealer, you can also obtain products for cleaning and maintenance (exterior and interior) - including ecological products in the "TECHNATURE" range, topping up products (screenwash...), touch-up pens and paint aerosols for the exact colour of your vehicle, refills (cartridge for the temporary puncture repair kit...), ...

Depending on the legislation in force in the country, it may be compulsory to have a high visibility safety vest, warning triangle and spare bulbs and fuses available in the vehicle.

The fitting of electrical equipment or accessories which are not recommended by PEUGEOT may result in a failure of your vehicle's electronic system and excessive electrical consumption.

Please note this precaution. You are advised to contact a PEUGEOT representative to be shown the range of recommended equipment and accessories.

    Advice on care and maintenance


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