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Seat Ibiza: Rearview mirrors - Lights and visibility - Operating instructions - Seat Ibiza Owners Manual

Seat Ibiza: Rearview mirrors

Seat Ibiza Owners Manual

Adjusting the head restraints

Before beginning any journey, adjust the rear-view mirrors for correct visibility.

Interior mirror

It is dangerous to drive if you cannot see clearly through the rear window.

Manual anti-dazzle function for interior mirror

In the basic mirror position, the lever at the bottom edge of the mirror should be at the front. Pull the lever to the back to select the anti-dazzle function.

Automatic anti-dazzle interior mirror

The automatic anti-dazzle function can be switched on and off as desired.

Fig. 70 Automatic antidazzle interior mirror.

Switching off anti-dazzle function

– Press button   ⇒ fig. 70. Warning
lamp goes out:

Switching on anti-dazzle function

– Press button  ⇒ fig. 70. Warning
lamp is lit.

Anti-dazzle function

The anti-dazzle function is activated every time the ignition is switched on. The green indicator lamp lights up in the mirror housing. When the anti-dazzle function is activated the interior mirror will darken automatically according to the amount of light it receives (for example from the headlights of a vehicle behind). The anti-dazzle function is cancelled if reverse gear is engaged.


• The automatic anti-dazzle function will only work properly if the sun blind* for the rear window is retracted and there are no other objects preventing light from reaching the interior mirror.

• If you have to stick any type of sticker on the windscreen, do not do so in front of the sensors. Doing so could prevent the anti-dazzle function from working well or even from working at all.

Folding in the wing mirrors

The wing mirrors of the vehicle may be folded in. For this, press the mirror housing towards the vehicle.


Before washing the vehicle with an automatic car wash, fold in the mirrors to avoid damage.

Electric wing mirrors

The exterior mirrors can be adjusted using the rotary knob in the centre console.

Fig. 71 Exterior mirror control

Basic setting of exterior mirrors

1. Turn knob ⇒ fig. 71 to position L (left exterior mirror).

2. Turn the rotary knob to position the mirror so that you have a good view to the rear of the vehicle.

3. Turn knob to position R (right exterior mirror)


4. Swivel the rotary knob to position the mirror so that you have a good view to the rear of the car ⇒   .

Heating the exterior mirrors

– Turn the control to the demisting position ⇒ fig. 71.

– Place the control in position L or R once the mirrors have demisted to prevent unnecessary use of the battery.

Folding in exterior mirrors

– Turn the control, fig. 71 to position   to fold in the exterior mirrors.
You should always fold in the exterior mirrors if you are driving through an automatic car wash. This will help prevent damage.

Folding exterior mirrors back out to the extended position

– Turn the knob to position L or R to fold the exterior mirrors back out ⇒   .

Synchronised wing mirror adjustment

1. Turn the control to the position L (left exterior mirror).

2. Turn the rotary knob to position the mirror so that you have a good view to the rear of the vehicle. The right exterior mirror will be adjusted at the same time (synchronised).


• The rear view convex or aspheric mirror increase the field of vision however the objects appear smaller and further away in the mirrors. If you use these mirrors to estimate the distance to vehicles behind you when changing lane, you could make a mistake. Risk of accident.

• If possible, use the interior mirror to estimate distances to vehicles behind you.

• Make sure that you do not get your finger trapped between the mirror and the mirror base when folding back the mirrors. Risk of injury!

For the sake of the environment

The exterior mirror heating should be switched off when it is no longer needed. Fuel is wasted otherwise.


• If the electrical adjustment ever fails to operate, the mirrors can be adjusted by hand by lightly pressing the edge of the mirror glass.

• In vehicles with electric wing mirrors, the following points should be observed: if, due to an external force (e.g. a knock while manoeuvring), the adjustment of the mirror housing is altered, the mirror will have to be completely folded electrically.

Do not readjust the mirror housing by hand, as this will interfere with the mirror adjuster function.

• The rear view mirrors can be adjusted separately or simultaneously, as described before.


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