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Skoda Fabia: Trailer

Skoda Fabia Owners Manual


Always drive particularly carefully with the trailer.

Loading a trailer

The vehicle/trailer combination must be balanced, whereby the maximum permissible drawbar load must be utilised. If the drawbar load is too low, it jeopardises the performance of the vehicle/trailer combination.

Distribution of the load

Distribute the load in the trailer in such a way that heavy items are located as close to the axle as possible. Secure the items from slipping.

The distribution of the weight is very poor if your vehicle is unladen and the trailer is laden. Maintain a particularly low speed if you cannot avoid driving with this combination.

Tyre pressure

Correct the tyre inflation pressure on your vehicle for a “full load” » page 152, Tyre service life.

Trailer load

The permissible trailer load must not be exceeded under any circumstances » page 175, Technical data.

The trailer loads specified apply only to altitudes up to 1 000 metres above mean sea level.

The engine output falls as altitude increases, as does the ability to climb.

Therefore, for every additional 1000 m in height (or part), the maximum permissible towed weight must be reduced by 10 %.

The towed weight comprises the actual weights of the (loaded) towing vehicle and the (loaded) trailer.

The trailer and drawbar load information on the type plate of the towing equipment are merely test data for the towing equipment. The vehicle-specific values are detailed in the vehicle documents.


  • Do not exceed the maximum permissible axle and drawbar load and the maximum permissible total or towed weight of the vehicle and the trailer – there is the risk of an accident and serious injury.
  • Slipping loads can significantly affect the stability and safety of the vehicle/ trailer combination – there is the risk of an accident and serious injury.

Towing a trailer

Exterior mirrors

You have to have additional exterior mirrors fitted if you are not able to see the traffic behind the trailer with the standard rear-view mirrors. National legal requirements must be observed.


The front of the vehicle can be lifted when a trailer is being towed and the headlights can dazzle other road users.

Adjust the headlight setting on the headlight range control » page 57, Headlight beam adjustment.

Driving speed

For safety reasons, do not drive faster than 80 km/h when towing a trailer.

Immediately reduce your speed as soon as even the slightest swaying of the trailer is detected. Never attempt to stop the trailer from “swaying” by accelerating.


Apply the brakes in good time! If the trailer is fitted with a trailer brake, apply the brakes gently at first, then brake firmly. This will avoid brake jolts resulting from the trailer wheels locking.

On downhill sections shift down a gear in good time to also use the engine as a brake.

Engine overheating

The speed must be reduced immediately if the needle for the coolant temperature gauge moves into the right-hand area or the red area of the scale.

Stop and switch off the engine if the warning light   in the instrument cluster
starts to flash. Wait a few minutes and check the level of coolant » page 145, Checking the coolant level.

The following guidelines must be observed » page 37,  

The coolant temperature can be reduced by switching on the heating.


  • Adapt your speed to the conditions of the road surface and to the traffic situation.
  • Improper or incorrectly connected electric cables can energise the trailer and cause functional faults to the vehicle's entire electrical system as well as accidents and severe injuries.
  • Work on the electrical system must only be carried out by specialist garages.
  • Never directly connect the trailer's electrical system with the electrical connections for the tail lights or other current sources.


  • After coupling the trailer and connecting up the power socket, check the rear lights on the trailer to ensure they work.
  • If there is an error in the trailer lighting system, check the fuses in the fuse box in the dashboard » page 167.
  • If you tow a trailer frequently, you should also have your car inspected between service intervals.
  • The handbrake on the towing vehicle must be applied when coupling and uncoupling the trailer.

Anti-theft alarm system

When the vehicle is locked, the alarm is activated as soon as the electrical connection to the trailer is interrupted

Always switch off the anti-theft alarm system before a trailer is coupled or uncoupled » page 49.

Conditions for including a trailer in the anti-theft alarm system.

  • The vehicle is factory-fitted with an anti-theft alarm system and towing equipment.
  • The trailer is electrically connected to the towing vehicle by means of the trailer socket.
  • The electrical system of the vehicle and trailer is functional.
  • The vehicle is locked with the vehicle key and the anti-theft alarm system is activated.


For technical reasons, trailers with rear LED lights cannot be connected to the anti-theft alarm system.

    Towing device

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