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Skoda Fabia: Washing the car

Skoda Fabia Owners Manual

The best protection for your vehicle against harmful environmental influences is frequent washing.

How often the vehicle should be washed depends, for example, on the following factors.

  • Frequency of use.
  • Parking situation (garage, under trees, etc.).
  • Season of the year.
  • Weather conditions.
  • Environmental influences.

The longer insect residues, bird droppings, tree sap, road and industrial dust, tar, soot particles, road salt and other aggressive deposits remain adhering to the paintwork of your vehicle, the more detrimental their destructive effect can be. High temperatures, such as those caused by intensive sun's rays, accentuate this caustic effect.

It is essential to also thoroughly clean the underside of the vehicle at the end of the winter.


  • Washing your vehicle in the winter: water and ice in the brake system can affect the braking efficiency – there is the risk of an accident.
  • Only wash the vehicle when the ignition is switched off – there is the risk of an accident.


Do not wash your vehicle in bright sunlight – there is a risk of paint damage.

For the sake of the environment

Only wash the vehicle at washing bays intended for this purpose.

Washing by hand

Soften the dirt with plenty of water and rinse as much as you can of this off.

Clean the vehicle with a soft sponge, a washing glove or a washing brush.

Work from the top to the bottom - starting with the roof.

Only use a car shampoo for stubborn dirt.

Wash out the sponge or washing glove thoroughly at short intervals.

Clean wheels, door sills and similar parts last. Use a second sponge for such areas.

Give the vehicle a good rinse after washing it and dry it off using a chamois leather.


  • When washing the car by hand, protect your hands and arms from sharpedged metal parts (e.g. when cleaning the underfloor, the inside of the wheel housings or the wheel trims, etc.) - there is a risk of cuts!
  • Only apply slight pressure when cleaning the vehicle's paintwork.

Automatic car wash systems

The usual precautionary measures must be taken before washing the vehicle in an automatic car wash system (e.g. closing the windows including the sliding/ tilting roof, etc.).

If your vehicle is fitted with any particular mounted parts, such as a spoiler, roof rack, two-way radio aerial – it is best to consult the operator of the car wash system beforehand.

The lips of the windscreen wiper rubbers must be cleaned and degreased with cleaning agents especially formulated for the task after an automatic wash with wax.


Fold in the exterior mirrors to prevent damage before washing the vehicle in an automatic car wash system.

Washing with a high-pressure cleaner

When washing the vehicle with a high-pressure cleaner, the instructions for use of the equipment must be observed. This applies in particular to the pressure used and to the spraying distance.

Maintain a sufficiently large distance to the parking aid sensors and soft materials such as rubber hoses or insulation material.


Never use circular spray nozzles or dirt cutters!


  • Do not aim the water jet directly at the lock cylinders or the door or opening joints when washing the vehicle in the winter using a hose or high-pressure cleaner – there is a risk of freezing.
  • To avoid damaging the parking aid sensors while cleaning with high-pressure cleaners or steam jets, the sensors must only be directly sprayed for short periods while a minimum distance of 10 cm must be observed.

The temperature of the water used for cleaning must not exceed 60 °C – there is a risk of damaging the vehicle.

See also Washing a vehicle with decorative film trim using a high-pressure cleaner » page 132 .

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