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Chevrolet Sonic: OnStar Services

Chevrolet Sonic Owners Manual


With Automatic Crash Response, the built-in system can automatically connect to help in most crashes, even if help cannot be requested.

Press to connect to an Emergency
Advisor. GPS technology is used to identify the vehicle location and can provide critical information to emergency personnel. The Advisor is also trained to offer critical assistance in emergency situations.


OnStar provides services like Stolen Vehicle Assistance, Remote Ignition Block, and Roadside Assistance, if equipped. OnStar can unlock the vehicle doors remotely, if equipped with automatic door locks, and can help police locate the vehicle if it is stolen.


OnStar navigation requires the Directions and Connections service plan.

Press to receive directions or have
them sent to the vehicle navigation screen, if equipped. Destinations can also be forwarded to the vehicle from MapQuest.com. The OnStar mapping database is continuously updated. For coverage maps, see www.onstar.com (U.S.) or www.onstar.ca (Canada).

Turn-by-Turn Navigation

1. Press to connect to a live Advisor.

2. Request directions.

3. Directions are downloaded to the vehicle.

4. Follow the voice-guided commands.

Using Voice Commands During a Planned Route

Cancel Route

1. Press . System responds: “OnStar
ready,” then a tone. Say “Cancel route.” System responds: “Do you want to cancel directions?”
2. Say “Yes.” System responds: “OK, request completed, thank you, goodbye.”

Route Preview

1. Press . System responds: “OnStar
ready,” then a tone.

2. Say “Route preview.” System responds with the next three maneuvers.


1. Press . System responds: “OnStar
ready,” then a tone.

2. Say “Repeat.” System responds with the last direction given, then responds with “OnStar ready,” then a tone.

Get My Destination

1. Press . System responds: “OnStar
ready,” then a tone.

2. Say “Get my destination.” System responds with the address and the distance to the destination, then responds with “OnStar ready,” then a tone.

Other Navigation Services Available from OnStar

OnStar eNav: Allows subscribers to send destinations from MapQuest.com to their Turn-by-Turn Navigation or screen-based navigation system. When ready, the directions will be downloaded to the vehicle.

Destination Download: Press , then
request the Advisor to download directions to the navigation system in the vehicle. After the call ends, press the “Go” button on the navigation screen to begin driving directions.

If directions are downloaded to the navigation system, the route can only be canceled through the navigation system.

Destinations can also be downloaded on the go. For information about eNav, Destination Download, and coverage maps see www.onstar.com (U.S.) or www.onstar.ca (Canada).


OnStar Hands-Free Calling allows calls to be made and received from the vehicle. The vehicle can also be controlled through the OnStar RemoteLink® mobile app. For coverage maps, see www.onstar.com (U.S.) or www.onstar.ca (Canada).

OnStar Mobile App

Download the OnStar RemoteLink mobile app to select Apple®, Android™, and BlackBerry® devices to check vehicle fuel level, oil life, or tire pressure; to start the vehicle (if equipped) or unlock it; or to connect to an OnStar Advisor. For OnStar RemoteLink information and compatibility, see www.onstar.com (U.S.) or www.onstar.ca (Canada).

Hands-Free Calling

1. Press . System responds: “OnStar
2. Say “Call.” System responds: “Please say the name or number to call.” 3. Say the entire number without pausing, including a “1” and the area code. System responds: “OK calling.”

Calling 911 Emergency

1. Press . System responds: “OnStar
ready,” followed by a tone.

2. Say “Call.” System responds: “Please say the name or number to call.” 3. Say “911” without pausing. System responds: “911.” 4. Say “Call.” System responds: “OK, dialing 911.”

Retrieve My Number

1. Press . System responds: “OnStar
2. Say “My number.” System responds: “Your OnStar Hands-Free Calling number is,” then says the number.

End a Call

Press . System responds: “Call ended.”

Store a Name Tag for Speed Dialing

1. Press . System responds: “OnStar
2. Say “Store.” System responds: “Please say the number you would like to store.” 3. Say the entire number without pausing. System responds: “Please say the name tag.”
4. Pick a name tag. System responds: “About to store <name tag>. Does that sound OK?”
5. Say “Yes” or say “No” to try again. System responds: “OK, storing <name tag>.”

Place a Call Using a Stored Number

1. Press . System responds: “OnStar
2. Say “Call <name tag>.” System responds: “OK, calling <name tag>.”

Verify Minutes and Expiration

Press and say “Minutes” then “Verify”
to check how many minutes remain and their expiration date.


OnStar Vehicle Diagnostics will perform a vehicle check every month. It will check the engine, transmission, antilock brakes, and major vehicle systems. It also checks the tire pressures, if the vehicle is equipped with the Tire Pressure Monitoring System. If an On-Demand Diagnostics check is needed between e-mails, press , and an Advisor can run a check.

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