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Fiat Punto: Side air bags (Side bag - Front Window bag)

Fiat Punto Owners Manual

Fiat Punto / Fiat Punto Owners Manual / Safety deviices / Side air bags (Side bag - Front Window bag)


They are composed by two types of instant inflation and are housed in the back rest of the front seats. The task of the side air bags is to increase protection of the occupants’ chest in the event of a side crash of medium-high severity.

Side bag


They are “curtain” cushions located behind the side coverings of the roof and covered by proper finishings such to allow the cushion unfolding downwards; this solution, studied for the head protection, allows offering the best protection to the front occupants in the event of side crash.

In minor side crashes (for which the restraining action of the seat belts is sufficient), the air bags are not deployed.

Also in this case it is of vital importance to wear the seat belts since in case of side crash they guarantee proper positioning of the occupant and prevent the occupants to be pitched out of the car in case of violent crashes. Therefore the side bags are not a replacement of but complementary to the belts, which you are recommended to always wear, as specified by law in Europe and most non-European countries.

Front window bag

IMPORTANT In the event of side crash, you can obtain the best protection by the system keeping a correct position on the seat, thus allowing correct front window bag unfolding.

IMPORTANT The front air bags and/or side bags may be deployed if the car is subject to heavy knocks or accidents involving the underbody area, such as for example violent shocks, against steps, kerbs or low obstacles, falling of the car in big holes or sags in the road.

IMPORTANT When the airbag inflates it emits a small amount of dusts. These dusts are harmless and is not the beginning of a fire; then the unfold cushion surface and the car interiors can be covered by a dusty remains: this dust can irritate skin and eyes. In case of contact, wash yourself using neutral soap and water.

Never rest head, arms
and elbows on the door, on the windows and in the front window bag area to prevent possible injuries during the inflation phase.

Never put head, arms
and elbows out of window.

The airbag system has a validity of 14 years for the pyrotechnic charge and 10 years for the coil contact (see the plate located in the glove compartment).

Contact Fiat Dealership for replacement as these dates approach.

IMPORTANT Should an accident occur in which any of the safety devices is activated, take the car to a Fiat Dealership to have the devices activated replaced and to have the system checked.

All control, repair and replacement operations concerning the air bags must only be carried out c/o Fiat Dealership.

If you are having the car scrapped, have the airbag system deactivated at a Fiat Dealership first. If the car changes ownership, the new owner must be informed of the method of use of air bags and the above warnings and also be given this “Owner handbook”.

IMPORTANT The triggering of pretensioners, front air bags and front and rear side bags is decided in a differentiated manner by the electronic control unit, depending on the type of crash.

The failure to deploy one or more of them does not mean that the system is not working properly.


If the
warning light does not turn
on when turning the ignition key to MAR or if it stays on when travelling, this could indicate a failure in safety retaining systems; under this condition air bags or pretensioners could not trigger in the event of collision or, in a restricted number of cases, they could trigger accidentally. Stop the car and contact Fiat Dealership to have the system checked immediately.

Do not cover the back
rest of front seats with trims or covers there are not set for the use of side bags.

Never travel with
objects on your lap, in front of your chest or with a pipe, pencil, etc. between your lips. Injury may result in the event of the air bag being triggered.

Always keep your hands
on the steering wheel rim when driving, so that if the air bag is triggered, it can inflate without meeting any obstacles which could cause serious harm to you. Do not drive with the body bent forwards, keep the seat back rest in the erect position and lean your back well against it.

If the car has been
stolen or an attempt to steal it has been made, if it has been subjected to vandals or floods, have the air bag system checked by Fiat Dealership.

Remember that with the
key engaged and in the MAR position, even with the engine not running, the air bags may be triggered on a stationary vehicle if it is bumped by another moving car. Therefore, never seat children on the front seat even when the vehicle is stationary. On the other hand, remember that with the ignition key at STOP no safety device (air bags or pretensioners) will be triggered in the event of an impact; in these cases, failure to come into action of the air bags cannot be considered as a sign that the system is not working properly.

When the ignition key is
turned to the MAR position, the warning light (with
passenger’s front air bag deactivation (where required) switch in the ON position) turns on and flashes for few seconds to remind that passenger’s air bag will be deployed in a crash, after which it should go off.

Do not wash the seat
back rest with pressurised water or steam (by hand or at automatic seat washing stations).

The front air bag is
triggered for shocks greater in magnitude than the pretensioners. For impacts between these two thresholds, it is therefore normal that only the pretensioners are triggered.

Do not hook rigid
objects to the coat hooks and to the support handles.

The air bag does not
substitute the seat belts, but only increases their effectiveness. Moreover, since the front air bags do not come into operation in the event of front impact at low speed, side collisions, bumps from behind or overturning, in these circumstances the occupants would only be protected by the seat belts which must therefore always be fastened.
    Front and side air bags

    Correct use of the car

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