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Fiat Punto: At the filling station - Dashboard and controls - Fiat Punto Owners Manual

Fiat Punto: At the filling station

Fiat Punto Owners Manual


Use only unleaded petrol.

To prevent errors, the diameter of the fuel tank filler is too small to introduce a lead petrol pump filler. Use petrol with a rated octane number (R.O.N.) not lower than 95.

IMPORTANT An inefficient catalyst leads to harmful exhaust emissions, thus contributing to air pollution.

IMPORTANT Never use leaded petrol, even in small amount or in an emergency, as this would damage the catalyst beyond repair.


If the outside temperature is very low, the diesel thickens due to the formation of paraffins and could clog the diesel fuel filter.

In order to avoid these problems, different types of diesel are distributed according to the season: summer type, winter type arctic type (mountains/cold areas).

If refuelling with diesel fuel not suitable for the current temperature, mix diesel fuel with TUTELA DIESEL ART additive in the proportions stated on the can, putting first the antifreeze in the tank and then the diesel fuel.

Refuel with local diesel fuel if the car is used/parked in the mountains or in cold areas for a long period. In this event you are recommended to keep an amount of fuel higher than 50% in the tank.


To ensure full tank refuelling, carry out two top-up operations once the delivery gun has turned off twice.

Avoid further top-up operations which could cause faults in the fuel system.

The car must only be
filled with diesel fuel for motor vehicles, in compliance with European Specification EN590. The use of other products or mixtures may irreparably damage the engine with invalidation of the warranty due to the damage caused. In the event of accidentally filling with another type of fuel, do not start the engine and empty the tank. If the engine has been run even for only a very short time, in addition to the tank, it is also necessary to drain out the whole fuel circuit.


To open the cap, turn it anticlockwise and then remove it.

During refuelling, secure the cap to the anti-loss device on the flap as shown in the figure.

On certain versions the cap has a keylock: to open it proceed as described below.

Opening the cap with keylock (where provided)

Proceed as follows:

  • hold the cap still and turn the ignition key anticlockwise;
  • turn the cap by approximately half a turn anticlockwise and remove it.

The airtight seal of the cap may lead to a slight increase of pressure in the tank. A hissing sound when the cap is removed is therefore quite normal.

When refuelling, position the cap on the flap as shown in the figure

Opening the cap with keylock

Do not put naked flames
or lighted cigarettes near the fuel filler hole: danger of fire. Do not bend too close to the hole either so as not to breathe in harmful vapours.

Locking the cap with keylock (where provided)

Proceed as follows:

  • insert the cap (with the key) and turn it clockwise until it clicks once or more;
  • turn the key clockwise and remove it. Close the flap.
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