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Fiat Punto: Fix & go (quick tyre repair kit)

Fiat Punto Owners Manual

Fiat Punto / Fiat Punto Owners Manual / In an emergency / Fix & go (quick tyre repair kit)

On request the car can be fitted with a quick tyre repair kit, called “Fix & Go”, replacing the common tool kit and the spare wheel.

Fix & go

The Fix & Go kit is located in the boot under the moquette covering and it includes the following:

  • a cylinder (A) containing the sealing fluid with filler hose and a sticker (B) with caution “MAX 80 km/h”, to be affixed in a visible position for the driver (instrument panel) after repairing the tyre;
  • a compressor (C) including gauge, connections and tool for removing the valve body; the latter can be found by opening the compressor slide lid (D).

Fix & go

IMPORTANT If puncture has been caused by foreign bodies, it is possible to repair tyres showing damages up to max 4 mm diameter.

The figure shows:

  1. repairable tyre areas (holes or damages with max. 4 mm diameter);
  2. : tyre areas NOT repairable.

Fix & go

IMPORTANT Holes and damages on the tyre side walls cannot be repaired; permanent sealing of damages located on tyre tread within 25 mm from tyre side wall is not guaranteed. Check tyre side walls accurately.

IMPORTANT Do not use the quick tyre repair kit if damaging is due to running with flat tyre.

It should be noticed that: The sealing fluid of the quick tyre repair kit, effective with external temperatures between –30ºC and +80ºC, is not suitable for final repair.

The fluid inside the tyre can be easily removed with water.

The sealing fluid has unlimited life.

Repairs are not possible
in case of damages on the wheel rim (bad groove distortion causing air loss) or tyre out of the limit areas previously described. Do not remove foreign bodies (screws or nails) from the tyre.

Caution! The cylinder
contains propylene glycol; this substance can be harmful and irritant: do not swallow and avoid contact with eyes, skin and clothes; in case of contact rinse immediately with water. Call the doctor in case of allergic reactions.

Keep the cylinder in the case provided for the purpose and far from heat or children.

The compressor shall not
be operated for more than 20 minutes. Risk of overheating!


Inflating procedure

Proceed as follows:

  • Position the involved wheel with the inflation valve (A) set as shown in the figure, then pull up the handbrake;
  • Screw the filler hose (B) to the cylinder (C);
  • Loosen tyre inflation valve cap, remove valve internal element using the proper tool (D), taking care to protect it against sand or dirt;

Inflating procedure

Inflating procedure

Inflating procedure

  • Fit the filler hose (E) to the tyre inflation valve, keep the cylinder (F) with the hose set downwards then press to make the sealing fluid flowing into the tyre;
  • Refit valve internal element using tool (G);
  • Engage and then lock, using the proper lever (H) the air compressor hose (L) to the tyre inflation valve;
  • Start the engine, fit the plug (N) in the cigar lighter (or 12V outlet) and inflate the tyre to the proper pressure value. Check tyre pressure on gauge (M) with compressor to obtain precise reading;
  • Should it be impossible to reach the pressure specified, move the car forward or backward for approx. ten metres in order to distribute the sealing fluid inside the tyre, then repeat the inflation operation;
  • If after this operation it is still impossible to obtain the specified pressure, stop driving and contact immediately Fiat Dealership;

Inflating procedure

Inflating procedure

  • After reaching the proper tyre pressure, start driving immediately to distribute the sealing fluid inside the tyre evenly. After about 10 minutes, stop and check the tyre pressure again; engage the handbrake;
  • Drive with the utmost care to the nearest Fiat Dealership to have the tyre checked and repaired or replaced. It is of vital importance to communicate that the tyre has been repaired using the quick tyre kit

Inflating procedure

IMPORTANT Tyre repaired with this kit can be used only temporarily.

Apply the sticker in a
visible position for the driver to indicate that the tyre has been treated with the quick tyre repair kit. Drive carefully especially when cornering. Do not exceed 80 km/h and avoid heavy braking and accelerating.

If read pressure is
below 1.3 bar, stop immediately and contact Fiat Dealership. If read pressure is equal to at least 1.3 bar, restore proper pressure (engine running and handbrake on) and then drive with the utmost care.

If when restoring
pressure it is impossible to reach at least 1.8 bar, stop immediately since the tyre is too damaged and the quick repair kit cannot guarantee proper seal, contact Fiat Dealership.
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