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Seat Ibiza: Diesel

Seat Ibiza Owners Manual


Diesel fuel must correspond to DIN EN 590 (EN = “European standard”). It must have a cetane number (CN) of at least 51. The cetane number indicates the ignition quality of the diesel fuel. Notes on filling with fuel.

RME fuel

Only those vehicles fitted with special equipment (number PR 2G0 for biodiesel use) may use biodiesel corresponding to the standard DIN EN 14214. The biodiesel fuel must comply with the DIN EN 14.214 (FAME) Standard.

• Biodiesel is a methylester obtained from rapeseed oil.

• DIN is a German abbreviation for “Deutsches Institut für Normung e.V.”, the German standards institute.

• EN means European Norm.

• FAME is the English abbreviation for “Fatty Acid Methyl Ester”

If the date sticker of the vehicle includes the number PR 2G0 optional equipment) this means that that vehicle has been prepared for biodiesel use. Your Authorised Service Centre or automobile association will be able to advise on where you can obtain RME biodiesel fuel. Your Authorised Service Centre can also be consulted to know if the vehicle has been prepared for biodiesel use.

Things to note about RME fuel (biodiesel)

• The performance of a vehicle using biodiesel maybe somewhat reduced.

• Fuel consumption of a vehicle using biodiesel may be slightly higher.

• RME fuel can be used in winter at temperatures down to approx. -10°C.

• At outside temperatures below -10° C, we recommend using winter diesel fuel.


• RME fuel can damage the fuel system in vehicles which are not suitably adjusted.

• If you decide to use biodiesel in your vehicle, please use only RME fuel which is DIN E 14,214 compliant.

• If you use biodiesel that does not meet the required standard, the fuel filter could become clogged.


• In case of low exterior temperatures and a fuel biodiesel percentage of higher than 50%, an increase in gas emission may occur during operation of the independent heating.

• The fuel filter may become clogged when fuel is changed to biodiesel. For this reason, we recommend that, about every 300 or 400 km, following a fuel change, also change the fuel filter. Also note the instructions in the Inspection and Maintenance plan.

• If the vehicle is to remain parked for more than about two weeks, we recommend filling the fuel tank with biodiesel and driving about 50 km in order to avoid damage to the injection system.

Winter driving

Diesel can thicken in winter.

Winter-grade diesel

When using “summer-grade diesel fuel”, difficulties may be experienced at sub-zero temperatures because the fuel thickens due to wax separation. For this reason, “winter-grade diesel fuel” is available in some countries during the cold months. It can be used at temperatures as low as -22°C. In countries with different climatic conditions the diesel fuel sold generally has different temperature characteristics. Check with an Authorised Service Centre or filling stations in the country concerned regarding the type of diesel fuels available.

Filter pre-heater

Your vehicle is fitted with a fuel filter pre-heater, making it well equipped for operation in winter. This ensures that the fuel system remains operational to approx. -24°C, provided you use winter-grade diesel which is safe to -15°C. However, if the fuel has waxed to such an extent that the engine will not start at temperatures of under -24°C, simply place the vehicle in a warm place for a while.


Do not mix fuel additives (“thinners”, or similar additives) with diesel fuel.


    Working in the engine compartment

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