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Skoda Fabia: Instrument cluster

Skoda Fabia Owners Manual

Fault display

The Error message will appear in the display if there is a fault in the instrument cluster. Ensure that the fault is rectified as soon as possible by a specialist workshop.


  • Concentrate fully at all times on your driving! As the driver you are fully responsible for road safety.
  • Never operate the controls in the instrument cluster while driving, only when the vehicle is stationary!


Fig. 19 Instrument cluster
Fig. 19 Instrument cluster

  1. Revolutions counter with warning lights
  2. Display:
  • With counter for distance driven
  • With service interval display
  • With digital clock
  • With multifunction display (MFA)
  • With the MAXI DOT display
  1. Speedometer with warning lights
  2. Coolant temperature gauge1)
  3. Button for display mode:
  • Setting the hours/minutes
  • Enable/disable the display of the second speed2)
  • Service interval2) - Display of the number of days, kilometres or miles remaining until the next Service3
  1. Button for:
  • Reset daily trip counter
  • Set hours/minutes
  • Enable/disable the mode selected by means of button 5

Engine revolutions counter

The red scale of the rev counter 1 » Fig. 19 on page 26 indicates the range in which the engine control unit begins to limit the engine speed. The engine control unit restricts the engine speed to a steady limit.

You should shift into the next higher gear before the red scale of the revolution counter is reached, or move the selector lever into position D if your car is fitted with an automatic gearbox.

To maintain the optimum motor speed, observe the gearshift indicator » page 28.

For the
sake of the environment

Shifting up in good time has the following benefits.

  • It helps to reduce fuel consumption.
  • It reduces engine noise.
  • It protects the environment.
  • It benefits the service life and reliability of the engine.


Warning against speeding

An audible warning signal will sound when the vehicle speed exceeds 120 km/ h2). The audible warning is switched off once the vehicle speed falls below 120 km/h.

Coolant temperature gauge display

The coolant temperature gauge 4 » Fig. 19 on page 26 operates only when the ignition is switched on.

In vehicles with a segment display, the coolant temperature is indicated only by one of the warning lights » page 37,  Coolant
coming on or going off.

Cold range

The pointer in the left of the scale indicates that the engine has not yet reached its operating temperature. Avoid high speeds, full throttle and high engine loads. This prevents possible damage to the engine.

The operating range

The engine has reached its operating temperature as soon as the pointer moves into the middle of the scale. At very high ambient temperatures or under heavy engine loads, the pointer may move even further to the right.

High temperature range

The coolant temperature is too high if the pointer reaches the red area of the scale. Further information


  • Additional headlights and other attached components in front of the air inlet impair the cooling efficiency of the coolant.
  • Never cover the radiator - there is a risk of the engine overheating.

Fuel gauge

The fuel gauge 7 » Fig. 19 on page 26 only works when the ignition is switched on.

The fuel remaining is displayed in the segment display on vehicles with the segment display.

The fuel tank has a capacity of about 45 litres. The warning light lights up when the fuel level reaches the reserve range  
 » page 40.


Never drive until the fuel tank is completely empty! The irregular supply of fuel can cause misfiring. This can result in considerable damage to parts of the engine and the exhaust system.

Counter for distance driven

The distance which you have driven with your vehicle is shown in km. In some countries the measuring unit “mile” is used.

Daily trip counter (trip)

The trip counter indicates the distance you have driven since it was last reset - in steps of 100 metres or 1/10 of a mile.

Reset trip meter

The meter can be reset by pressing and holding button 6 » Fig. 19 on page 26.


The odometer indicates the total distance in kilometres or miles which the vehicle has been driven.


If the second speed display is enabled on vehicles with a segment display, this speed will be shown instead of the odometer.

Digital clock

The clock is set with buttons 5 and 6 » Fig. 19 on page 26.

Select the display that you wish to change with the button 5 and carry out the change with the button 6 .

In vehicles equipped with the MAXI DOT display, it is also possible to set the clock in the Time menu » page 34.

Display of the second speed

The display can show the current speed in mph1).

This feature is provided for driving in countries with different units for speed.

MAXI DOT display

The display of the second speed can be set in the Settings menu item » page 34, Settings.

Segment display

  • Press the 5 » Fig. 19 on page 26key repeatedly, until the odometer display flashes » page 28.
  • Press the 6 key while the display is flashing.

The second speed is displayed instead of the odometer.

Display of the second speed can be disabled in the same way.

Recommended gear

Fig. 20 Recommended gear
Fig. 20 Recommended gear

The gear currently engaged is shown in the instrument cluster display A » Fig. 20.

In order to minimise the fuel consumption, a recommendation for shifting into another gear is indicated in the display.

If the control unit recognises that it is beneficial to change gear, an arrow B is shown in the display. The arrow points up or down, depending on whether you should shift into a higher or lower gear.

At the same time, the recommended gear is shown at A instead of the gear selected on vehicles with a manual gearbox.


The driver is always responsible for selecting the correct gear in different driving situations, such as overtaking.

    Instruments and Indicator Lights

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