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Seat Ibiza: Air conditioning - Heating, Ventilation and Air conditioning - Operating instructions - Seat Ibiza Owners Manual

Seat Ibiza: Air conditioning

Seat Ibiza Owners Manual


Fig. 94 On the instrument panel: air conditioning controls

The air conditioning system only works when the engine is running and the fan is switched on. – Using the controls ⇒ fig. 94 and
and with the switch
you can set the temperature, air distribution
and the blower speed. – To switch a function on or off, press the appropriate button or
. When the function is activated, a
warning light on the button comes on. – To demist the wind screens: – Set air distribution to .

– Turn the fan control to one of the two levels depending on the speed required. – Rotate the temperature control to the desired level. – Close outlets . – Open and turn outlets
towards side windows.

Temperature selector

Blower control. There are four speed
settings for the blower. The blower should always be set at the lowest speed when driving slowly.

Air distribution control

Air recirculation button

Button – Coolant on button


For your safety, the windows should never be fogged up or covered with snow or ice. This is essential to ensure good visibility. Please familiarise yourself with the correct operation of the heating and ventilation system, including the demist/defrost functions for the windows.


Please observe the general notes.

Vehicle interior heating or cooling system

Fig. 95 On the instrument panel: air conditioning controls

Heating of the vehicle interior

– Disconnect the cooling system using button ⇒ fig. 95 (the button light goes off). – Turn
the temperature selector to set the
desired temperature. – Turn the blower switch to one of the settings 1-4. – Set the air distribution control to the
air flow configuration desired: (towards
the windscreen), (towards the chest),
(towards the foot rest) and (towards
the windscreen and foot rest areas).

Cooling the passenger compartment

– Connect the cooling system with button (the button light should light up).

– Turn the temperature control switch until the desired interior temperature is obtained. – Turn the blower switch to one of the settings 1-4. – Set the air distribution control to the air flow configuration desired: (towards the windscreen),
(towards the chest),
(towards the foot rest) and
(towards the windscreen and foot rest


Maximum heat output, which is needed to defrost the windows quickly, is only available when the engine has reached its operating temperature.

Coolant system

When the cooling system is switched on, not only the temperature, but also the air humidity in the vehicle interior is reduced. This improves comfort for the vehicle occupants and prevents misting of the windows when the outside air humidity is high. If the cooling system cannot be switched on this may be due to the following reasons:

• the engine is not running.

• The blower is switched off.

• The outside temperature is lower than +5°C.

• the cooling system compressor has been temporarily switched off because the engine coolant temperature is too high.

• The air conditioning fuse is faulty.

• Another fault in the vehicle. Have the air conditioning checked by a qualified workshop.

Air recirculation

Air recirculation mode prevents fumes or unpleasant smells from entering the vehicle. When air recirculation mode is switched on (button, fig. 95 with warning lamp) strong odours in
the outside air do not enter the vehicle interior, for example when passing through a tunnel or in queuing traffic. When the outside temperature is low, using air recirculation mode provides more effective heating by heating air from the vehicle interior instead of cold air from outside. When the outside temperature is high, using air recirculation mode provides more effective cooling by cooling air from the vehicle interior instead of warm air from outside. For reasons of safety, air recirculation is not possible when the control for air distribution is set to the windscreen setting .


In air recirculation mode, no ambient air enters the vehicle interior. If the air conditioning system is switched off, the windows can quickly mist over. Therefore, you should never leave the air recirculation mode switched on for longer periods, as this increases the risk of an accident.


• When reverse gear is engaged the air recirculation connects automatically to prevent the entrance of exhaust fumes in the vehicle on travelling backwards. The control light on the button does not
light up.

• If the temperature control is turned to the coldest setting (blue point) and the switch   is activated, the
“Air recirculation” function is automatically activated in order to cool the passenger compartment rapidly using a minimum of energy and the function indicator will light.

• If the function is not deactivated by pressing the button, this will be deactivated after about 20 min.

Economic use of the air conditioning

When the air conditioning is switched on, the compressor consumes engine power and has an effect on fuel consumption. Observe the following points in order to have the equipment operating for a short a time as possible.

• If the vehicle interior has overheated due to excessive solar radiation, it is best to open the windows or doors to allow the hot air to escape.

• When travelling the air conditioning should not be switched on if the windows or sun roof are open.

    Heating and ventilation


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