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Seat Ibiza: Automatic gearbox - Driving - Operating instructions - Seat Ibiza Owners Manual

Seat Ibiza: Automatic gearbox

Seat Ibiza Owners Manual

Gearbox programmes

The automatic gearbox has two gearbox programmes.

Fig. 102 Centre console: Automatic gearbox selector lever

The gearbox management system is equipped with two driving programmes. Depending on the driver or the driving situation, either a consumption oriented programme or a more “sporty” programme will be selected. The programme selection will be carried out automatically depending on how the accelerator is used.

• The consumption-oriented programme will be selected if you use the accelerator slowly or normally. This means that the gearbox will shift up earlier and down later.

• A more “sporty” driving programme which shifts up gear later will be selected if you use the accelerator more quickly.


A programme will, depending on the driving resistance, be selected automatically that guarantees more pulling power, thus avoiding having to shift gear constantly.

Selector lever lock functions

The selector lever lock in position P or N prevents gears from being engaged inadvertently, which would cause the vehicle to move.

Fig. 103 Centre console: Automatic gearbox selector lever

Fig. 104 Instrument panel display: Move the selector lever to position P.

The selector lever lock is released as follows: – Switch on the ignition. – Press and hold the brake pedal and press the selector lever lock on the left of the selector lever at the same time. A delay device prevents the lever form blocking, on gently passing through position N (for example, from R to D),. This makes it possible, if the car is stuck, to remove it “by swinging it”. Only when the lever is in position N for more than 1 second, without pressing the brake, does the lever block come into operation. At speeds of over 5 km/h the selector lever lock is automatically deactivated in position N.

Selector lever positions

P - parking lock

This is the correct position for parking the vehicle. To engage and disengage P press the button on the gearstick knob and depress the brake pedal, while the car is running. If the car is not running, it can be unlocked by pressing the knob button.

R - reverse gear

This should only be engaged when the vehicle is at a standstill and the engine idling. Before engaging position R, starting from position P or N, depress the brake pedal and press the button on the gearstick knob. In position R and with the ignition on, the reversing lights come on.

N - neutral (idling)

To take the lever out of position N at speeds of below 5 km/h or when the car is at a standstill but the ignition is switched on, depress the brake pedal and press the lock button on the gearstick knob.

D - Drive (forwards)

The four gears automatically change up or down, depending on engine load and vehicle speed. In certain conditions it is preferable to place the selector lever provisionally in one of the positions described below:

3 - Position for uneven surfaces

Gears 1st, 2nd and 3rd automatically change up or down depending on the engine load and vehicle speed. 4th gear is blocked. This increases the engine braking effect when decelerating. This position is recommended when in position D and under certain driving conditions, there are frequent changes between 3rd and 4th.

2 - Position for hilly roads

Position recommended for long slopes. 1st and 2nd gear change automatically depending on engine load and vehicle speed. 3rd and 4th do not operate.

1 - Position for very steep slopes or manoeuvres

Recommended position for extreme slopes. The vehicle only travels in 1st gear. 2nd, 3rd and 4th are blocked. The cruise control* can not be used in position 1.


Never move the selector lever to R or P when driving. This could damage the gearbox. Risk of accident!


The selector lever can be placed in positions 3, 2 and 1 when the change is made manually, but the automatic gearbox does not change to a lower gear until the number of revolutions is appropriate.

Kick-down feature

This system allows maximum acceleration. When the accelerator is depressed to full throttle, and depending on the vehicle speed and engine speed, the lowest gear is engaged. As soon as the maximum engine speed for that gear is reached, the next gear up is engaged.


Remember that the drive wheels may skid if the kick-down feature is activated when driving on icy or slippery roads. Danger of skidding!

Instructions for driving


The engine can only be started when the selector lever is at N or P.

Selecting a range

When the car is at a standstill and the engine is running, always depress the brake pedal before selecting a range. Do not accelerate on selecting a range when the engine is at a standstill

If, while driving, the selector lever accidentally moves to position N, first release the accelerator pedal and wait until the engine slows to idling before selecting a forward gear ⇒   .


Select a range (R, D, 3, 2, 1). Wait until the change has taken place and the power transmission of the drive wheels has stabilised (slight pressure is noticeable). Then depress the accelerator.


In the case of a temporary stop, for example at a traffic light, it is not necessary to move to position N, it is sufficient to brake using the brake pedal. The engine should only run at idle speed.


On slopes, first pull handbrake on firmly and then connect block. This prevents overloading of the locking mechanism, making the subsequent deactivation easier ⇒ .

Emergency start

For vehicles fitted with an automatic gearbox the engine can not be started by towing or pushing the vehicle. If the vehicle battery is flat, a battery from another car can be used to jumpstart the car using a set of jump leads.


If the vehicle requires towing at any time, observe the instructions of, “Towing and tow-starting”.

Back-up programme

In the event of a malfunction of the gearbox electronics, emergency programmes are activated, according to the type of fault.

• The gearbox continues to connect gears automatically, but the operations are jerky. Consult the Authorised Service Centre.

• The gearbox does not automatically engage gears.

In this case they can be changed manually. 3rd gear is only available in positions D, 3 and 2 of the selector lever. In positions 1 and R of the selector lever 1st gear and reverse gear are available respectively as normal. As the torque converter is required to work more, especially due to the lack of 2nd gear, it is possible that the gearbox oil may overheat. In this case, consult the Authorised Service Centre as soon as possible.


• In all the ranges the vehicle must always be held with the foot brake when the engine is running. This is because an automatic gearbox still transmits power even at idling speed, and the vehicle tends to “creep”.

• If, when the car is at a standstill and the engine is idling, a range is connected, take care not to accelerate accidentally (for example, when working in the engine compartment), as the car will start to move immediately.

• Before working on a running engine, place the selector lever in position P and apply the handbrake.

• To prevent the vehicle from moving out of control, the handbrake should always be applied when the vehicle is at a standstill. In addition move the selector lever to position P.

    Manual gearbox


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