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Seat Ibiza: Radio frequency remote control - Unlocking and locking . - Operating instructions - Seat Ibiza Owners Manual

Seat Ibiza: Radio frequency remote control

Seat Ibiza Owners Manual

Locking and unlocking the vehicle

The remote control key can be used to lock and unlock the vehicle from a distance.

Fig. 48 Assignment of buttons on the remote control key

Fig. 49 Range of the remote control

The following functions can be performed using the remote control and without using the key itself

• Opening and closing central locking system.

• Turning the anti theft alarm* and the locking security system (double lock) on and off.

• Turning interior light on. The radiofrequency remote control device with batteries is fitted in the head of the vehicle key. The receiver is in the interior of the vehicle. The indicator light for the key always flashes when the remote control is used. The range (red zones) ⇒ fig. 49 of the remote control is shown in the diagram. The maximum range depends on a number of circumstances. When the batteries are running down the range is also reduced.

Opening and closing the vehicle

To open, place the key within the range, pointing towards the vehicle and briefly press the open button  ⇒ fig.
48 . The indicators flash twice. To

lockthe vehicle, press the lock button briefly ⇒ fig. 48
  . The indicators flash once.
By pressing the lock button twice
, fig. 48   both the locking security
mechanism (double lock) and the volumetric alarm* are deactivated but the perimetric alarm* remains active and this is indicated by the indicator light on the driver’s door.

Selective unlocking

When the button ⇒ page 78, fig.
48 is pressed once, the driver's door
is unlocked, all others remain locked. Press the button , fig. 48
twice to unlock all doors.


• Incorrect use of the key can result in critical injuries.

• Never leave children or disabled persons in the vehicle; in case of emergency they may not be able to leave the vehicle or look after themselves.

• Never leave any of the vehicle keys in the vehicle. This could result in serious injuries, accidents or the theft of your vehicle. Always take the key with you when you leave the vehicle.

• Unsupervised use of a key could mean that the engine is started or that electrical equipment is used (e.g. electric windows). Risk of accident. The vehicle can be locked using the remote control key. This could result in people being trapped in the vehicle in an emergency.


• The radio-frequency remote control can also be programmed so that only the driver's door is unlocked the first time that the unlocking button on the radio frequency remote control key is pressed. When the button is pressed once more, all doors and the tailgate will be unlocked.

• The remote control functions only when you are in range, fig. 49 (red area).

• If the vehicle is unlocked using the
button, the vehicle will be locked
again automatically if any of the doors or the tailgate are not opened within 30 seconds of unlocking the vehicle. This function prevents the vehicle from remaining unlocked if the unlocking button is pressed by mistake.

• If the vehicle cannot be opened and closed using the remote control, the remote control key will have to be re-synchronised.

Changing the battery

If the battery indicator does not flash when the buttons are pushed, the battery must be replaced.


Use of inappropriate batteries may damage the radio frequency remote control. For this reason, always replace the dead battery with another of the same size and power.

For the sake of the environment

The flat batteries must be disposed of in accordance with regulations governing the protection of the environment.

Synchronising the remote control key

Synchronising the remote control key

– Use both keys that have been delivered with the vehicle; the key with the remote and the normal key, fig. 48, fig. 49.

– Maximum time allowed for synchronising is 30 seconds. – The normal key is used to activate the ignition, and the key with the remote control is the key to be programmed. – Check that the car is open before commencing programming. – Place the key without remote control in the contact inside the steering and ignition lock. – Use the key with remote control and mechanically lock the vehicle from the driver's door. – Open and close the driver's door lock mechanically, using the remote control key.

– At the same time press the button  
on the remote control key. – Complete
the procedure by removing the key from the contact. It is possible that the vehicle could no longer be opened and closed with the remote control if the button is repeatedly pressed outside of the
effective range of the radio frequency remote control. The remote control key will have to be resynchronised. Spare remote control keys are available from Authorised Service Centres, they must be matched to the locking system.


    Anti-theft alarm system

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