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Seat Ibiza: Anti-theft alarm system - Unlocking and locking . - Operating instructions - Seat Ibiza Owners Manual

Seat Ibiza: Anti-theft alarm system

Seat Ibiza Owners Manual

Description of anti-theft alarm system

The anti-theft alarm triggers an alarm if unauthorised movements are detected around the vehicle. The anti-theft alarm makes it more difficult to break into the vehicle or steal it. Audible and visible alarms are triggered if the car is opened using the mechanical key, or if unauthorised access is gained to the vehicle. The anti-theft alarm system is automatically switched on when the vehicle is locked. For this, either turn the key once in the lock towards the locking position or press button
  on the radio-frequency remote
control*. The system is activated immediately and the indicator light located on the driver’s door will flash along with the indicators indicating that the alarm and the locking security system (double lock) have been turned on. When the vehicle is locked the indicator lamps light up only if the alarm has been correctly activated (all the protection zones should be correctly closed). If any of the doors or the bonnet are open, when the alarm is connected these will not be included in the protection zones of the vehicle. If the door or bonnet is subsequently closed, they will automatically be included in the vehicle protection zones and the indicators will flash accordingly.

When does the system trigger an alarm?

The alarm system is triggered, in the locked vehicle, when:

• a door

• the bonnet or

• the tailgate

are unduly opened

• or the ignition is switched on

The acoustic signals sound and the indicators flash for approx. 30 seconds. How is the alarm switched off? To deactivate the anti-theft alarm, rotate the key in the opening direction or press the button on the remote control.

• The indicator light flashes twice on opening and the alarm is deactivated.

• The indicator light flashes once on closing and the alarm is activated. In vehicles equipped with an additional* alarm system, if the vehicle is opened using the driver's door key, you have 15 sec to insert the key in the ignition lock and activate the ignition. Otherwise, the alarm will go off for 30 sec. and the ignition will be blocked. In vehicles with keys without remote control it is necessary to wait 30 seconds until the alarm stops. Then lock the vehicle using the key and repeat the above process. If the vehicle is opened at any door other than the driver's door or the tailgate the alarm will go off for 30 seconds.


running down where the vehicle has been left parked for a long period of time. The alarm system remains activated.

• If, after the alarm has stopped, attempts are made to open another protection zone, the alarm will be triggered again.

• The alarm system can be activated or deactivated using the remote control.

Volumetric sensor

Monitoring or control function incorporated in the anti-theft alarm*, that detects unauthorized vehicle entry using ultrasound. The system consists of 3 sensors, 2 emitters and a receptor.


– It is automatically turned on with the anti-theft alarm, when the vehicle is locked mechanically with the key and when the button on the remote control is used.


– Open the vehicle with the key, either mechanically3) or by pressing the button   on the remote control. – Press
the button on the remote control twice.
Only the volumetric sensor is deactivated. The alarm system remains activated.

The interior monitoring system will be switched on automatically with the anti-theft alarm. All of the doors and the tailgate must be closed to activate the sensor of the interior monitoring system. The interior monitor should be switched off, if for example animals are briefly left in the locked vehicle. Their movements could otherwise trigger an alarm. The interior monitor should also be deactivated if the windows are left slightly open, otherwise the alarm may be triggered due to the effect caused by wind entering the vehicle.


• If, after deactivating the volumetric sensor, the vehicle is locked using the remote control or the key in the door lock in under 30 seconds, the volumetric sensor will remain deactivated. The other functions of the antitheft alarm* will remain activated. After this time, the deactivation function of the volumetric sensor is cancelled.

• If the vehicle is relocked and the alarm is activated without the volumetric sensor function, relocking will activate the alarm with all its functions, except the volumetric sensor. This function is reactivated when the alarm is next switched on, unless it is deliberately switched off.

• If the alarm has been triggered by the volumetric sensor, this will be indicated by a flashing of the indicator on the driver's door. The flash is different to the flash indicating the alarm is activated.

• If the alarm is triggered three times by the volumetric sensor, the alarm system is no longer triggered.

• Triggering caused by other sensors (doors, boot opening, etc.) will continue.

    Radio frequency remote control


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