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Skoda Fabia: Remote control - Unlocking and locking - Using the system - Skoda Fabia Owners Manual

Skoda Fabia: Remote control

Skoda Fabia Owners Manual

You can use the remote control key to:

  • unlock and lock the vehicle,
  • unlocking boot lid;
  • open and close the windows » page 53, Window convenience operation.

The transmitter with the battery is housed in the handle of the remote control key. The receiver is located in the interior of the vehicle. The operating range of the remote control key is approx. 30 m. But this range of the remote control can be reduced if the batteries are weak.

The key has a fold-open key bit which can be used for unlocking and locking the car manually and also for starting the engine.

The system must be initialised by a specialist garage if a lost key is replaced or if the receiver unit has been repaired or replaced. Only then can the remote control key be used again.


  • The remote control is automatically deactivated when the ignition is switched on.
  • Operation of the remote control may temporarily be affected by interference from transmitters close to the car operating in the same frequency range (e.g.

    mobile phone, TV transmitter).

  • The battery must be replaced if the central locking or anti-theft alarm system does react to the remote control at less than 3 metres away » page 43.
  • If the driver door is open, the vehicle cannot be locked using the remote control key.


Fig. 33 Remote control key
Fig. 33 Remote control key

Unlocking the vehicle

  • Press button 1 » Fig. 33.

Locking the vehicle

  • Press button 3 » Fig. 33.

Deactivating the safe securing system

  • Press button 3 » Fig. 33 twice within 2 seconds. Further information » page 45.

Unlocking the boot lid

  • Press button 2 » Fig. 33. Further information » page 51.

Folding out the key bit

  • Press button 4 » Fig. 33.

Folding in the key bit

  • Press the button 4 » Fig. 33 and fold in the key bit.


The turn signal lights flash twice as confirmation that the vehicle has been unlocked.

If the vehicle is unlocked using button 1 » Fig. 33 and none of the doors or the tailgate are opened within the next 30 seconds, the vehicle is automatically locked again and the safe securing system or anti-theft alarm system is reactivated. This function is intended to prevent the car being unlocked unintentionally.

In addition, when the car is unlocked, the electrically adjustable seats and exterior mirrors move into the position assigned to this key. The stored setting of driver seat and exterior mirrors is retrieved.


The turn signal lights flash once to confirm that the vehicle has been correctly locked.

If the doors or the boot lid remain open after the vehicle has been locked, the turn signal lights do not flash until they have been closed.


  • Only operate the remote control when the doors and boot lid are closed and the vehicle is in your line of sight.
  • A ŠKODA partner can also activate/deactivate the acoustic signals on vehicles with an anti-theft alarm system.


If the vehicle does not unlock when the remote control is pressed, the key may not be synchronised. This can occur when the buttons on the remote control key are pressed several times outside the operating range of the equipment or if the battery in the remote control key has been replaced.

Synchronise the key as follows.

  • Press any button on the remote control key.
  • Unlock the door with the key within 1 minute of pressing the button.
    Central locking system

    Anti-theft alarm system

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