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Skoda Fabia: Changing a wheel - Emergency equipment, and self-help - Do-it-yourself - Skoda Fabia Owners Manual

Skoda Fabia: Changing a wheel

Skoda Fabia Owners Manual


  • If you are in flowing traffic, switch on the hazard warning lights and set up the warning triangle at the prescribed distance. National legal requirements must be observed.
  • Park the vehicle as far away as possible from the flow of traffic. Park on as flat and firm a surface as possible.
  • If the vehicle has been retrofitted with tyres which are different from those it was fitted with at the works, follow these guidelines » page 153, New tyres.


Notes for vehicle lifting

  • If the wheel has to be changed on a slope, first of all block the opposite wheel with a stone or similar object to prevent the vehicle from unexpectedly rolling away.
  • Secure the base plate of the lifting jack with suitable means to prevent possible moving. A soft and slippery ground under the base plate may move the lifting jack, causing the vehicle to fall down. It is therefore always necessary to place the lifting jack on a solid surface or use a wide and stable base. Use a non-slip base (e.g. a rubber foot mat) if the surface is smooth, such as cobbled stones, tiled floor, etc.
  • Only attach the lifting jack to the attachment points provided for this purpose.
  • Always raise the vehicle with the doors closed.
  • Never position any body parts, such as arms or legs under the vehicle, while the vehicle is raised with a lifting jack.
  • Never start the engine with the vehicle sitting on the raised jack – there is a risk of injury.

Information on the wheel bolts

  • The wheel bolts must be clean and must turn easily. Never treat them with grease or oil.
  • The prescribed tightening torque of the wheel bolts for steel and light alloy wheels is 120 Nm.
  • If the wheel bolts are tightened to a too low tightening torque, the rim can come loose when the car is moving – risk of accident! A tightening torque which is too high can damage the bolts and threads and this can result in permanent deformation of the contact surfaces on the rim.
  • In case of incorrect treatment of the wheel bolts, the wheel can loosen when the car is moving – risk of accident!


The national legal requirements must be observed when changing a wheel.


Always change a wheel on a level surface as far as possible.

The following steps must be carried out before actually changing the wheel:

  • Have all the occupants get out. The passengers should not stand on the road (instead they should remain behind a crash barrier, for instance) while the wheel is being changed.
  • Switch off the engine.
  • Move the gearshift lever into Neutral or move the selector lever for the automatic gearbox into position P.
  • Apply the handbrake firmly.
  • Uncouple any trailer.
  • Remove the vehicle tool kit » page 158 and the spare wheel » page 154, Spare and back-up wheel from the boot.
Vehicle tool kit

Changing a wheel

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